Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Solid Gold"

Out last night to events in conjunction with the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, as designers and decor aficionados circulate to see the cutting edge and wash it down with free champagne. Much to see, but what struck me most was the video installation on the side of Salon 94 Gallery on the Bowery. Artist Lorna Simpson really put the soul in solid gold, in her Beyonce-meets-Dazzle Dancers recreation of a performance the artist viewed at Lincoln Center years before. Inside her paintings were equally inspiring. With true artistic economy, gold pigmented brush strokes brought to life various feminine silhouettes, with suggestive hairstyles nearly as flamboyant as the afro-clad dancers, male and female, who were stopping traffic outside the relatively new, and pristine gallery. 
Visit to see more.

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