Sunday, May 15, 2011

"A Place to Sit"

ICFF in full swing in NYC, with all the decor shops promoting the latest and greatest on the design front. Being something of a furniture fanatic, I have a particular affinity for the tried and true chair. Making my rounds last night in SOHO, I rested my weary feet a few times, by perching on various and sundry thrones, some fit for kings, others for queens. One of my favorites, was an exaggerated high back number in crimson from Cassina on Wooster Street, of which a photo is included here for your viewing pleasure.

Next stop was over at Bobby Berk  on Crosby Street. Bobby Berk Home is a cute little interiors boutique, where I bought my own sofa and and matching chair after months of agonized searching. The place was hopping last night, in full furniture festivities, with the grand prize being an oversize indoor/outdoor baroque work of art, which I have had my eye on for months, thinking it would be great for my country house in Texas.

Turns out to be a small world. Found out Bobby Berk is from Texas. Then met the nice people form "Queen Of Love" who product the playful polyethylene chair, (shout out to my girl Danae!), and guess what, they are also from Texas. As was my date for the evening, fellow-Texan, friend and colleague - Erin Dougherty. 

Now, let me remind you, sure I went to this party partly for the free booze, and yes partly to see and vote on the new designs, but MAINLY to win this chair. Well, when the host pulled the name out of the hat, it was Erin's name called and not mine! I did celebrate her victory with another glass of bubbly, even though not-so-secretly I was wishing it was me.

Consolation prize: Erin says I can sit in it anytime I visit her in Brooklyn.

For more of the great furniture at Bobby Berk, visit
And to see more of the fantastical pieces from Queen of Love:

Texas in the house!

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