Tuesday, November 10, 2015

MailArt - Finding Forrest Prince

Mail Art: Finding Forrest Prince by Alton DuLaney
Mail Art to Forrest Prince from Alton DuLaney November 10, 2015
Years ago, a lifetime really, when my great mentor and pen-pal Ernie "Lucky" Johnston was attempting to nurture and further my interest in the Houston art scene, we would go on various field-trips into the city to see exhibits at galleries or meet an artist of note. One such artist that I was introduced to was a saint-like creative named Forrest Prince. An afternoon at his sprawling house and studio involved seeing art, drinking fresh carrot juice, discussing love for humanity, and perhaps a reading assignment.

Years passed as they sometime do, and life unfolds into many different directions, but the path does sometimes lead us back around to intercept the influential or to provide a gentle reminder. Now, back in Houston and once again curious as to the Houston art scene, I pondered aloud if Forrest Prince was still around and making his mark on the work through his art and his philanthropy. That's when I came across one of the books Forrest gave me way back when, and inside was stamped his address and a few positive messages.

Rising to the challenge, I created this small piece of mail-art, embellished with color copies of his own stamped address and messages of peace, I fashioned a splatter painted envelope and note card, affixed two painting-postage stamps, and dashed my message of to Mr. Prince, sealing it with a gold foil embossed seal of ART.

Where in the world is Forrest Prince? Stay tuned for the results of my mail art performance, Finding Forrest Prince.

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