Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Cash Wrap"

Cash Wrap by Alton DuLaney 2011.
Gift wrap season is here and I have some great ideas to really put the present in presentation, starting with my new signature-deluxe-custom wrap, The Cash Wrap.

Now, everyone loves cold hard cash, and gift wrap can be expensive, so why not multi-task while creating a little added value to the next gift you wrap.

This is a great idea when wrapping a gift-card. It adds humor to the generic item, and for a few extra bucks you can really up the ante on your next gift wrap.

The supplies for this project are simple really, a stack of crisp dollar bills ( or $2 or $5 or $10 or $100 depending on who you are and who you are wrapping for!), some tape, and ribbon and bow for the finishing touch.

Cash Wrap by Alton DuLaney 2011.
You can request crisp new bills from your bank, which will make this project easier and create a neater finished product. I started this with a $1 with an "A" on it. "A" for Alton. See, this is fun already!

Cash Wrap by Alton DuLaney 2011.
Next, line up two of the $1 bills and put a small piece of tape in the center. I use Scotch Pop Up Tape because the pieces are pre-cut and pre-messured which makes the task go a little quicker, plus I think the dispenser is cute, and I get to wear it on my wrist.

Cash Wrap by Alton DuLaney 2011.
When you have two sets of two bills taped together, line those up and tape in the center. Just like saving money, one dollar becomes two, two becomes four, and soon you are rich beyond your wildest dreams!

Cash Wrap by Alton DuLaney 2011.
Or at least your recipient will be! Actually, what you end up with is a custom made piece of gift wrap that looks like it came from the US Mint. (I hope no one sees this and thinks I am counterfeiting money!) Be sure to tape all the edges where the notes meet, to avoid any loose ends.

To ensure that you use just the right amount of bills, lay your package in the center and fold all the way around. Also check the ends to make sure you have adequate coverage. You want just enough to cover the gift without having to trim.

Cash Wrap by Alton DuLaney 2011.
Then wrap you gift per usual, taping down any corners that try to pop up, and add a ribbon and bow for a beautifully finished package.

This gift took 24 one-dollar bills to wrap, adding $24 of value to the gift. After it is unwrapped (carefully!) the tape can be removed and the money can be enjoyed.

This is definitely an outstanding gift wrap and not one that anyone will say: "Oh, it's so beautiful, I hate to open it."

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