Friday, September 9, 2011

"Nicola Formichetti Pop Up"

Nicola Formichetti Pop Up, NYC, 2011.
In celebration of Fashion Night Out, (8 September 2011) I ventured downtown to brave the crowds at the new Pop Up Boutique and Gaga (as in Lady) Gallery from Nicola Formichetti. The 'store' occupies a space on Walker Street, near Broadway, just below Canal street - not your typical high end retail address. Still, there was a queue of people waiting to get into the shattered mirror space to see what all the fuss was about.

It was well worth braving the crowds, as the boutique and gallery is brilliant with its multi-faceted reflective walls and disco-tech lighting. The whole space feels more a night club than a retail experience, though the creations from Mugler's Creadtive Director and Lady Gaga's personal stylist are equally powerful.

Nicola Formichetti Pop Up, NYC, 2011.
The designs ranged from the wild to the completely ridiculous, but all with a couture, rock-and-roll edge. Something one could easily imagine Gaga wearing on an everyday basis.

Nicola Formichetti Pop Up, NYC, 2011.
And while it is easy to see the value of these on stage or in other types of performances, the taste is definitely very specific. 
Nicola Formichetti Pop Up, NYC, 2011.
Perhaps with Nicola Formichetti's recent appointment as Mugler Creative Director, the fashion world might should once again prepare itself for some runway theatrics and outré couture creations.

The crowd was equally over-the-top, with downtown hipsters rubbing elbows with nightlife glitterati.
Mugler model Rick Genest, NYC, 2011.
I even spotted the head-to-toe tattooed Mugler model Rick Genest, posing along side artwork of himself. Every visible inch of his body is covered with anatomically provocative ink, including bones, veins and musculature fully covering his face.

Nicola Formichetti, NYC, 2011.
The man of the moment was also present. In addition to his involvement with Gaga ( who was apparently a no-show, unless she was in disguise) and Mugler, Formichetti is also fashion director for Vogue Hommes Japan, and fashion director for the international retail chain Uniqlo. A busy guy!

Alton DuLaney, Nicola Formichetti Pop Up, NYC, 2011.
Of course, I took time to stroll around with NY's hippest, posing for a few photos of my own, before jumping back out into the night, to attend other parties and art openings.

The Nicola Formichetti Pop Up is located at 50 Walker Street near Broadway in Lower Manhattan. But hurry, it's only there until 21 September 2011.

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