Monday, August 8, 2011

"Wine Wrap"

Wine Wrap by Alton DuLaney.
I enjoy beautiful things from lowbrow to highbrow, from cute to couture. So when I recently took a bottle of wine to a house-warming party, I came up with the Wine Wrap using wine glasses as a gift embellishment. This is great for a house warming gift or a hot date. You are sure to impress with this easy and attractive wrap - the rest of the evening is up to you!

Materials needed for Wine Wrap.
First, get your materials together.
You will need:
-bottle of wine
-two wine glasses
-wrapping paper
-tissue paper
-cello paper
-wire-edged ribbon
-Scotch Pop Up Tape

TIP: A cold bottle of wine is a great thing to bring to a party, but the condensation from the bottle can damage your wrapping paper. By wrapping the bottle in layers, including a layer of cello, you create a moisture barrier so your wrap will look great to the eye and be cold to the hand! Plus the layers makes the opening more of a process and builds the anticipation.
Step 1 of Wine Wrap.
1st: Roll the bottle in a sheet of tissue paper of your choice, with the edge of the tissue going just to the bottom of the bottle. (Don't have it overlap the bottom of the bottle as this only creates extra bulk which you don't need.)

Step 2 of Wine Wrap.
 2nd: Next roll the bottle in cello, this time leaving enough overlap to just cover the bottom of the bottle. This is your moisture barrier. If you are wrapping an un-chilled bottle, you can skip this step.

Step 3 of Wine Wrap.
3rd: Next roll the bottle in your wrapping paper of choice, allowing some of the tissue to stick out of the top, and allowing about a 1 inch overlap on the bottom.

Step 4 of Wine Wrap.
4th. Fold over the bottom overlap in small sections to completely cover the bottom of the bottle. Apply a piece of Scotch Pop Up Tape to hold it all in place. Add a piece of Scotch Pop Up Tape along the side seam if needed for extra security.

TOOLS: I like to use the Scotch Pop Up tape because it comes with a wrist band, so my tape is always handy. Also, the pre-cut strips make it easy to use and apply.

Step 5 of Wine Wrap.
5th: Wrap a wire-edged ribbon around the neck of the bottle and tie a very secure half-knot. Make sure the half-knot is very tight to avoid slippage.
Step 6 in Wine Wrap.
6th: Cross two wine glasses in an X formation across the neck of the bottle, on top of the half-knot.
Step 7 in Wine Wrap.
7th: Tie an additional tight half-knot on top of the wine glass stems, and then finish your bow.

TREND: Adding a little extra something, like the two wine classes, as a gift attachment turns any bottle into a gift kit. I call it putting the present in presentation, as it adds an additional gift to the package.

You can take this concept and run with it. If its sparkling add champagne glasses, if its gin add martini glasses, etc.

When giving a bottle of vodka, I like to tie on a bottle of Tabasco sauce, which I call the Bloody Mary Gift Wrap!  By the way, in case you haven't noticed, I like to give AND receive booze!
Bloody Mary Wrap by Alton DuLaney.
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