Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Marriage Equality" and "Gift Wrap Inequality!"

The Tuxedo Wrap by Alton DuLaney, 2011.
Summer is here, and for those of us in NYC, it is full blast. Of course, along with the heat and humidity (a veritable formula for a bad hair day!) comes the joys of summer: sun and fun, beaches and ballgames, pools and parks, and the most romantic of all, Summer Weddings.

And while a large slice of New Yorkers are celebrating "marriage equality", as it is being touted, let's not forget that there is nothing equal about a marriage recognized in one state and not in another, and that comes with none of the federal rights granted to opposite sex couples, but my point here is not to get political.

No, my point is to embrace inequality in an altogether different form, and that being Wedding Gift Wrap Ideas to blow away the bride and groom, or bride and bride, or groom and groom, or any combination thereof.

Pictured above is my "Tuxedo Wrap" a nifty party trick when presenting a gift to the groom, or when the happy couple is showing their appreciation to the Groomsmen (or male officiator) at the big event. This look is created by first wrapping an item in a paper resembling the look of a tuxedo jacket. For mine I have chosen a predominantly black, hand-made paper, mostly because I am a fan of formality. Next, I add a pleated strip of a lighter paper, which has been folded to resemble the front of a tuxedo shirt. Adhesive back rhinestones are added to resemble  shirt studs, and finally a grosgrain ribbon, tied in a neat little bow, resembling a bow tie. A handsome gift for the right guy, or perhaps the right lesbian, on your shopping list. Great look for graduation, weddings, Father's Day, etc.

The Purse Wrap by Alton DuLaney, 2011.
For the bride, or more traditional ladies in your life, why not consider this snappy Purse Wrap? (pictured above.)  This one is tricky, but is basically, a standard wrap with the main flap folded into a shape resembling a purse closure. Before finishing off the ends of the wrap, a strip of the same paper is inserted into both sides creating the purse handle. I have embellished this one with some adhesive pearls. Hey, I'm classy like that! Again, great for weddings, Mother's Day, etc. etc.

The Pleat by Alton DuLaney, 2011.
Sure, all the wraps I am showing here look extremely complicated, and to the untrained eye they are, but just think about how impressive your gift will look. I like to call it: Putting the Present in Presentation! Basically, taking a little extra time to make your wrap look fantastic. It now only shows that you cared enough to make the effort, but the proper wrapping turns any item into a striking present.

A simpler version, is the standard pleat, shown above. Done here on an embossed foil paper, it adds class and elegance, almost replacing the need for ribbons and bows.

Before you throw your hands in the air, giving up and grabbing the gift bag...WAIT! There is hope. I teach these techniques and more in my gift wrap classes now available as part of my Paper Arts Course on With step by step instruction, you will be wrapping like a pro in no time.

Now, not just to promote myself, I want to add in a plug for a friend and colleague. Remember, once the big day is over, it is over, and it is all just a (hopefully) pleasant memory. But if properly documented, the event will not only live on in your memories but you will also have the photos to prove it! Point being, never underestimate the importance of having a good photographer capture the event, the dress, the cake, the rings, the guests, the space, the gifts, and of course the outstanding gift wrap.

Alton DuLaney by Jillian Bisinger Modern Photography, 2010.
I have worked with and modeled for Jillian Bisinger of Jillian Modern Photography. The above image was part of a same-sex photo shoot promoting her services. She is an equal opportunity photographer with a sharp eye and a great style. I like the work she did with me so much, that I have used the image over and over during the last year.

For more on Jillian, check out....

And for more creative gift wrap ideas, check out Paper Arts on

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